Developing and Supporting Young Talent

A Program for Researchers

ICCS is implementing a program for researchers to further energize its research activities through the employment of outstanding young researchers (post-doctorate). Every year 2–3 researchers are hired. They work with the director and lead researchers of various research panels to conduct studies necessary to develop sub-centers, supervise RAs, and manage the activities of research groups.

A Research Assistant (RA) Program

An RA program has been put into practice to foster young researchers and to help implement trouble-free ICCS research activities. The program is open to young researchers in Aichi University and graduate students from other universities. The RAs are assigned to ICCS research panels and help conduct research or provide administrative support under the direction of lead researchers.

A Research Grant for Young Researchers

A grant for young researchers is offered to encourage graduate students to conduct independent research. This grant is available to doctoral students in their final phase of studying contemporary Chinese studies, those who have completed their degrees, and those who have finished all of the credits of a doctoral program after the term has finished.