Research Database

To support the ICCS program that fosters researchers and young researchers, a database is been constructed that catalogs important academic materials and research results belonging to Aichi University. Presently, several databases are open to the public, including the “Cultural Revolution Database,” which catalogs 4,718 original documents pertaining to the Cultural Revolution of China (1966–1976), the “Toa Dobunshoin Database of Research Magazines on China” that catalogs 39 vol. of publications from Toa Dobunshoin University that include China’s Economy, China’s Government, and China’s Government: A New Edition, the “Database of Images from Pre-war China’s postcards” that contains pictures valuable to Modern Sinology, the “Modern Sinology Photo Database” containing pictures taken of locations throughout China by different ICCS research groups, and the “Database of Research Results” containing all reports published by ICCS. All of these databases can be accessed from the ICCS website.

"Toa Dobunshoin Database of Research Magazines on China","Cultural Revolution Database" can use only from the Aichi University network.